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Running your browser (IE) in a corporate environment will give you single sign on to web applications running in your intranet. But in some cases you need to access an URL with different credentials (admin purpose, etc.). Applications like SharePoint will provide you a solution right out of the box, but if this is not available the SignInAsADifferentUser project may help you. We as Glück & Kanja Consulting AG deployed such configurations in relation to Microsoft Lync components. Searching the web found one article with a solution based on custom ASPX pages. This article was a great starting point and we created a little package as an HTTPHandler to allow an easy integration into existing solutions. The first drop will have only a limited testing phase in a production environment. If we receive qualified feedback we are open to change the implementation. For the rest of you: Take the sources and be happy :-)

  • Lync 2010
    • Configured inside of one of the administration websites
  • Exchange 2010
    • Configured along the owa folder using the html redirection pages
      • The configuration was not working inside of the owa directory

Thank your Roel van Lisdonk
Source article:

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